Employment Opportunity

At Lighthouse Learning, we are always looking for team members that love children, are hard working and want to make a difference. Please fill out an application and call to set up an interview.


                                                                      Lighthouse Learning Academy

                                                                           Employment Application 


Full Name:                                                                                            Cell   Ph:


Current Address _________________________________________________DOB:   _________________       


Soc. Sec#: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________Driver’s   License#:____________________Expiration Date:_______

Email: ____________________________________________

Names you have gone by in the   past________________________________ 

States you have lived in last 5 years besides MN   (Include Address):______________________________________________


Thank you for choosing Lighthouse   Learning in your career path. We are   dedicated to hiring professionals who are energetic, motivated, and possess   integrity. Lighthouse Learning is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants must show they understand and are able to meet the following requirements for employment by initialing each item below


High School Graduate or G.E.D   recipient

United   States Citizen, or legally authorized to work in the United States 


Will provide Social Security   Card or Birth Certificate or Driver’s license


Will submit to drug and alcohol testing as   required


Will complete a background check 


Physically able to safely supervise young   children and perform necessary job functions


 Will maintain professional appearance and conduct at all times


Will Finish any necessary training including   Parent Aware, CPR and First Aid



Employment Desired: ____Full-time only ___Part time only ____Full or Part time _____ On Call

Position Desired: ___________________________Hourly Rate Desired: ____________________________

Hours available: Mon: __________ Tues: __________ Wed: ___________ Thurs: __________ Fri: ______

Are you seeking temporary   or permanent work? _________________________


3 PERSONAL REFERENCES   (do not list family)




Phone Number

Relationship (ie. Coworker, friend)



High School attended/address/year   graduated_______________________________________________

College attended/Degree or number   years of completed/Major_____________________________

Child Development Associate   Certification___________________________________________________

List courses completed or relevant childcare   training (CPR, First Aid, Child Development, etc.):_______________________

List other skills, vocational, and   technical training____________________________________


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY   (begin with most recent)


Begin/End Date

Begin/End Salary


Supervisor’s Name & Ph: 

Your title and duties

Reason for leaving




OFFENSES – Criminal background checks will be   conducted on all applicants.

Have you ever pled guilty,   no contest or been convicted of any criminal offense? If yes, explain: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Has a report of maltreatment ever been made against you? If yes, explain: _________________________________________________________________________________________

While employed in a childcare program, have you ever been the subject of disciplinary action or been responsible for a child care facility receiving an administrative or disciplinary action? If yes, explain: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Background   Study Form (Personal Information)


Race_____________ Eye Color__________

Hair Color__________Weight________________

Height______________ Place of Birth_____________


Office Use only


Date Submitted:               Time:                      Position:         Director Proceed + or - Interview:

Date Hired:                               Certificate for Education