"I knew from the moment I met you that my baby would be loved and safe. Thank you so much for loving my baby, for being my friends, for welcoming me and making me feel it was OK to leave Amelia behind to work......" by Jen 

"Two years ago, we made the BEST decision to take our kids to your center!! Everyday we are amazed how easy you make the hardest job look! Thank you for taking great care of the most important people to us. Bjorn, Ari and Urijah love going to school and we know it is because of all of you" by Amber Sven

"We have been using Lighthouse Learning Academy for over 7 years. They have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and nurturing staff. I love that they are open 6am-6pm, which allows for flexible drop-off and pick-up hours. They not only take care of our 'childcare' needs, but they also have structured schedules that cover areas such as education, physical activity, social skills, art/craft projects, fieldtrips, quite time, and more! Lighthouse Learning is so much more than a daycare center – they are teaching our children practical life skills that they will carry with them the rest of their life!" by Jody Meneley 

"We have had a great experience. I have seen a positive change in my kids in their learning abilities and their behavior. A huge thanks to the teachers and staff at Lighthouse Learning Academy." by Vicki P 



Additional Testimony


"To Parents Seeking Excellent Childcare:

My husband Josh and I spent many months researching daycares in the months leading to the birth of our first son: Henry.  As a first time parent, this is one of the biggest decisions you need to make…who will love and care for our baby as much as we do?  6 weeks into my maternity leave, I found out the childcare center we picked closed their doors suddenly with no warning.  My husband and I scrambled to find something to replace what would be Henry’s second “home”.  I got the suggestion to contact The Lighthouse Learning Academy in Elk River, MN from a co-worker.  Previously, Josh and I had not heard of them so they were not even on our initial radar.

I called The Lighthouse Learning Academy and Sapna offered to give us a tour the same day!  Immediately, we could tell that Sapna was born to do this- she just adored the children as she gave us the tour and was so excited to tell us about the programs offered at The Lighthouse Learning Academy.  She was very proud of the center, and she should be!  In the Infant/Baby Room she showed us how they teach baby sign-language and had one of the children show us what he’s learned.   From our experience, all the teachers hired there have a real passion for childcare and it’s a very welcoming and warm environment.

The teachers in the infant/baby room put to rest all of our fears of “strangers” taking care of our little man.  In the morning, when we drop Henry off – we are always greeted with a warm smile from Heidi.  Heidi instantly gets a reaction from Henry; he always smiles and hugs her good morning.  You can tell when your child is comfortable with someone and Henry just adores Heidi.  In the afternoon, when we pick Henry up – Jen always keeps us up to date on what Henry did for the day, how much he ate, if he had a “blow-out” and his demeanor throughout the day.  It’s a nice feeling to be kept in the loop when you leave your child for 8+ hours in the hands of someone else. 

Henry has had a variety of new baby “illnesses” and as a concerned mom I would frequently call The Lighthouse Learning Academy to check in on him.  The teachers are never inconvenienced and always willing to give you updates on your child.

For any future parent or any existing parent looking for a childcare center- we would recommend The Lighthouse Learning Academy hands down.  This is your child’s home-away-from-home and The Lighthouse Learning Academy is a warm, welcoming, compassionate place where your child will flourish in the hands of 'strangers'.  'Strangers' that become family!"

Henry’s mom & dad:  Josh & Jennifer (Isenga) Coblentz